Foisting Food Fads on Fido

Foisting Food Fads on Fido
In the end, the best advice seems to be the same for pets as it is for people: Eat a balanced diet, look upon dietary fads and trends with a healthily skeptical eye, parse labels carefully, don't take anything for granted and use common sense. And if …
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10 Reasons Not To Feel Guilty About Eating Chocolate
Yes, there's certainly a strong link between diet and complexion, but the key is to achieve a healthy and balanced diet rather than to blame specific foods. Variety is the key, after all. 7. You could win a Nobel Prize… Maybe. The link between …

Healthy Back to School Lunches + After School snack ideas!

Wanna win the few goodies I showed in this video? – Give this video a thumbs up – Let me know which lunch/snack was YOUR fave! :) If you try any of these ide…

I am a carbon criminal

I am a carbon criminal
As a result, grid operators have to balance the power in zillions of miles of power lines every second of every day, and given the notorious variability of wind and solar power, they have to have thermal energy backup that can be turned on and off with …
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Is Caffeine Dehydrating?
Endurance athletes can rest assured that a moderate daily intake of caffeine of about 1.4 to 2.7 milligrams per pound (3–6 mg/ kg) of body weight should not compromise their daily hydration status when consumed within the context of a well-balanced diet.
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